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Shawna Clymer

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Laila Fairy By Shawna Clymer_LE350_Out Of Stock
Laila Fairy is the newest FAIRY kit for Shawna Clymer's Fantasy Reborn kit line. She will be offered..
Sold Out_Clara Fairy By Shawna Clymer_Limited Edition 300
When finished Clara will be 20-21" with 3/4 arms and full legs, certificates. Head Circumference..
Sold Out_Mishell Mermaid By Shawna Clymer_LE650
Petite Mishell, the newest Mermaid baby Reborn kit for the 2014 Fantasy Collection from Shawna Clyme..
Sold Out_Nerissa Mini Mermaid By Shawna Clyme
Nerissa (meaning Daughter of the Sea), the cutest mini Mermaid baby Reborn kit from Fantasy Collecti..
Sold Out_Violet Fairy By Shawna Clymer_LE400_20"
When finished Violet will be 20" with 3/4 arms and full legs, certificates.   Head Circu..
Treasure Mini By Shawna Clymer_LE 600_11"- In Stock
When finished Treasure Mini will be 11" with Full arms and full legs Head circumference 8" com..
Twinkle Fairy By Shawna Clymer_LE 400_11" - In Stock
When finished Twinkle Fairy will be 11 1/4" (28-29cm) with 3/4 arms and full legs, certificates. ..
Shylynn by Shawna Clymer - Newest Fairy Kit 2017
18" Size with Full Arms & Full Legs Limited Edition Please Read Kits Detail Carefully ..
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